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The Pakistan Student GOLD WIE Congress holds an important place in the IEEE community of Pakistan. This year the event was hosted by IEEE GIKI Chapter on 7th – 9th September 2012 when IEEE branches from all over the country gathered around the landscape environment of Tarbela, Swabi, KPK at Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology. More than 250 participants arrived before the Juma prayers through transport arranged by GIKI. The participants were provided hostel accommodations and the event was under way after the lunch break. The university was decorated with flexes representing GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) and WIE (Women in Engineering). A number of workshops, seminars and competitions were conducted including IEEE 802.11n, Renewable Energy Resources, Entrepreneurship Talk, Leadership Workshop, Windows 8 and Career Development, Website for Dummies, Programming Contest and Social Innovation Contest to name a few. A special IEEE GIKI module, ‘The Race to Innovation’ tested the minds of nearly 60 participants from which a team from UET came on top after 2 rounds. Recreational activities such as the Scavenger Hunt, Hiking trip and the Sky Hawk Rocket Design Competition added to the experience of the traveling participants. Dinner Night on Saturday was attended by everyone including some of the faculty members who had collaborated with IEEE GIKI Chapter students to organize an event of such high magnitude. The event saw its end with a closing ceremony on Sunday where shields and certificates were handed to the participants by the chief guest Dr. Shaukat Hameed Khan, a renowned scientist. The ceremony also saw the inauguration of the IEEE WIE subchapter of GIKI.

GIKI is well known for its multiple events throughout the calendar year to impart management skills to its students. IEEE GIKI hopes to host such a successful event again on February 2013 when it’s All Pak ‘The 5th National Electronics Olympiad’ will be held.




IEEE GIKI Chapter Handed over to Batch 19 on 9th May, 2012. The new Council includes:

  • Usman Mushtaq – President

  • Muhammad Ahsan Farooqui – Vice President (External Relations)

  • Ahsan Abdullah Saad – Vice President (Operations)

  • Muhammad Omar Shahid – Vice President (Liaison)

  • Syed Omar Javed – Event coordinator

  • Khurshid Ali Qureshi – Treasurer

  • Maryam Saeed – General Secretary

  • Aynur Tariq Rathore – Technical Head



IEEE GIKI Chapter Guys Performed nicely in EME Olympiad

Students from IEEE GIKI Chapter got 3rd and 4th positions in Robo-Race in EME Olympiad. The event held on Sunday, 9th 2011. The Teams, line fury (Ahsan Farooqui, Usman Mushtaq and Schazil Najam) got 3rd position and Team Star(Khurshid Ali Qureshi, Salman Saeed, Sharjeel Javed) got 4th position in EME olympiad. The Robots were autonomous and completed the task in less than a minute.

pictures will be uploaded soon.


  • Workshop on Robotics… 5th and 6th October, 2011

The institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) GIKI Chapter, has been one of the most prominent and active societies in GIK Institute for the past many years. In order to hone this tradition, IEEE members in GIKI organized a two-day interactive hands-on- experience workshop for the freshmen and sophomore students (batch 21 and 20 students respectively). The workshop not only served primarily as an introduction of what IEEE is about and what types of fields in engineering does it cater for, but also as a guide to the basic robotics. Workshop attendants were given a brief view of basic electronic devices like sensors, logic gates and transistor devices.

The workshop was divided into 4 sessions in order to cater for the large number of people who registered for the workshop. Each session was 2 hours long. In the first hour, students were given lectures by final-year students on the basics of robot building and then in the next hour, asked to make the simplest circuit of a line-tracking robot on a trainer board in the logic-design laboratories. All IEEE members were at every workshops attendant’s disposal, ready to guide and help them in making the circuit every step of the way. It was very pleasing to note that many students were capable of making a successful working circuit. We hope that this workshop will serve as a very essential tool in helping the students produce a fully-functional line-tracking robot and a battle-robot so that they can actively participate in the up-coming IEEE Intra GIKI events, namely ‘Line-tracking’ and the eagerly awaited ‘RoboWars’ along with ‘RoboScoccer’.